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I'm a Swiss Army knife.

Photographer. Director. Designer. Copywriter, and a ton of other roles as and when they need doing, including making mean cups of tea.

In another life I was a stockbroker, a human rights case manager, a Civil Servant where people called me Terry and I wore a tie to work every day. About 10 years ago I bought myself a little SLR for a birthday with money from my nan. I used to practice lighting on pieces of fruit bought from a shop around the corner.

A friend of a friend called me one evening. He ran a wrestling outfit in a small, gritty suburb of Manchester and his photographer couldn't make it to an event they had planned for that night. He'd heard I bought a camera and could I come down to the show and shoot the event? Sure. My work went on sale at the next event and out-sold the other guy's work 11-1. I stayed with that company for 3 years, designing all their branding and logos, writing all the copy for the website, rosters and ads and learning a great deal of what works and what doesn't through the good ol' metric of bums-in-seats.

Since then, I've been very fortunate to work with a great bunch of people all over the world and have colleagues and clients who have become friends. 

Nowadays I shoot all over the world, I write long-form articles for magazines, job ads, AdWords campaigns, short-form articles for web content and press releases. I do tech reviews, restaurant reviews, product comparisons, infographics, artwork, and interviews where I shoot all the images, write all the words, design all the graphics, then lay the whole thing out so the publication can just drag and drop it into their proofs. 

I'm a firm-believer in DIY. Don't be surprised if rolls of tin foil and duct tape come out during a shoot, or if something is MacGyvered together to do a job when it's needed. Sometimes things happen that nobody could predict and I've always been successful at finding a solution, raised eyebrows aside.

It's a lot of fun.

I'm at 022 162 6091, or if you're ever free for a coffee or you need 8 hands but have the budget for 2.

Cheers for stopping by.

tez m


I have worked with:

UFC, Warner Bros., Sony Music, Roadrunner Records, Candlelight Records, Harley Davidson, Audio Technica, Samsung, Ferrari, BMW, Audi, Lion Industries, Cooler Master, McKinleys, Coca-Cola, Mars, Tenderlink, Geneva Healthcare, The Grove, Baduzzi, S&N, Bedford Soda, Working Style, Barkers, Jane Iredale, Kate Sylvester, Dior, MAC, 5th Avenue, State Theatre, SkyCity, The Sugar Club, Masu, Clooneys, Solar City, Hopt, Woop, MyFoodBag, Mondays, Bluebell Bakery, Thomas Sabo... and many more.